Metaphysical counselor, Healer, Soul Connectornector, Inspirational speaker
Lucia Mitro b.m.
Find Your Light and Make it Timeless

4 years ago doctors told me I have 3 weeks to live and all they can do is to keep me comfortable. My family called priest to give me last rites, I called you.  There sessions and I am still alive and kicking.  Thank you very much for my life. Forever grateful to you"

"Lucia Mitro, there is no inspiration like you. You ARE a blessing.  Slovakia should be proud!"
Ken McArthur

"Dearest Lucia,
I came to you with stubborn sinus infection and end up with the biggest miracle and greatest gift - my beautiful Daughter. At 44, after years of longing for a baby, doctors telling me there is no hope, giving up and almost divorcing, it took only one session with you and found out I was pregnant.  Thank you for standing by me when doctors suggest I should abort, when they told me my child will be born sick. Thank you for giving me strength to fight my fears.  My beautiful daughter was born perfectly healthy. I named her after us- Kristeen Lucia. There are no words good enough to describe how grateful I am to you. Love"  

My Dear Lucia,
You always have been here for me no matter what craziness I was experiencing.  Past 3 weeks were especially hard for me but with your guidance I was able to find my way back to my father as he was dying. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to work out all of our problems and let the unconditional father daughter love be again. He died peacefully and I now was able to forgive myself and move on. I am happy to tell you that I just met a beautiful man and I am enjoying my life after years and years of selfpunishing.
You are truly a Godsend!